The Voice Community: Doing Good Through Retail


Are you a retailer that is looking to fight for things that matter?

If you are, you should probably talk to today’s guest, Mitch Reaume. Mitch is the Founder of The Voice Community and Northern Glasses, two eCommerce companies with the mission of doing good through retail.

Today’s podcast focuses on Mitch’s first company, The Voice Community. This online storefront sells products from various local retailers, donating 7% of all proceeds to a charity of the customer’s choice. Think AmazonSmile for local retailers. The donations are contributed entirely by the local retailers. The consumer doesn’t have to pay another penny! Can you believe that?!

Dogfish Media’s 11″x14″ bundle of seasonal screenprints can be bought on The Voice Community.

Learn how Mitch is using these stores to create a groundswell in retail, to push “social business” from being a niche to the standard way of operating.

Listen to the Sezzle Storefront Podcast below:

Show Notes
Stores: The Voice Community, Northern Glasses
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