Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Sezzle is a revolutionary payment platform that reduces merchant processing costs by 50% and rewards consumers with 1% cash back by enabling them to pay directly from their bank account. We call it digital debit.

Digital debit is a term we use to describe the bank-to-bank payments that Sezzle processes between consumers’ and merchants’ bank accounts. When a consumer uses Sezzle to process a payment, we digitally debit their selected bank account for the amount of the purchase, and send that amount to the merchant at which they completed the transaction.


The user experience around bank-to-bank payments has been terrible…until Sezzle. Historically, merchants would require you to enter your account and routing numbers, and you would need to go through a multi-day authentication process before you could pay for goods and services directly from your bank account. However, technology has advanced to a point where Sezzle has made using digital debit easier than using a credit card online.


No. Sezzle is a payment platform that processes payments. No money is held by Sezzle. Instead, we work with your bank to enable payments to businesses. We’re not a bank, but we partner with banks.

Not yet. We are currently focused on providing digital debit, because it solves many of the pain points debit and credit cards present. Eventually, we plan to accept a full suite of payment methods, but until then, we encourage our merchants to continue working with their existing payment gateways, and to add Sezzle as another option.


Sign up with Sezzle by filling out a form here, or by contacting us at (651) 504-5294 or

Sezzle rewards customers with 1 point for every dollar they spend using Sezzle. This is our 1% reward. Our participating merchants also partner with us to offer rewards specific to their business. So, in many cases you’ll be able to get earn much more than 1% in rewards and incentives.

Sezzle does not intrude on the customer/merchant relationship. Any returns, refunds, or disputes are handled in a direct relationship between the consumer and the business.


Select Sezzle as your payment method within a merchant’s checkout. You are asked to provide your mobile number, which becomes your Sezzle username. We text you a one-time password that you must enter into the checkout window, and you are asked to create a four-­digit Sezzle PIN, similar to an ATM PIN. You then select your bank from a list of participating banks, login to your bank using your existing bank login credentials, choose the account you would like to pay from, and confirm the purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an emailed receipt.

Subsequent purchases using Sezzle are very simple and fast. After selecting Sezzle as your payment method, enter your mobile number. If it’s a recognized device, you confirm the purchase using the Sezzle PIN you created during sign-­up. If we don’t recognize the device, we text you a one-time password to enter, to protect you against fraud.

If you’re a business, Sezzle is very easy to implement, and every time a consumer pays with Sezzle, you save on processing fees. If you’re a consumer, Sezzle makes it easy for you to pay for goods and services directly from your bank account, similar to a debit card, and we reward you with 1% cash back in the process.

We are currently able to process payments with the 19 largest consumers banks in the United States. We are constantly working to add more banks, and we will soon be accepting debit cards, so that consumers using a smaller, unsupported bank can still pay with Sezzle.


Sezzle is extremely secure. We believe Sezzle is more secure than paying with debit or credit card, because of our 2-factor authentication process. By tying your Sezzle account to your mobile phone, you must prove you have possession of your phone and enter your standard 4-digit PIN to complete transactions.

When you login to your bank during the initial sign-up process, we pass your login credentials directly to your bank, and we do not store them anywhere. The only information we do store is your account and routing numbers, which we tokenize and store in high-security data vaults. These numbers are generally considered public information, as they can be found on every one of your checks, but we still go to great lengths to ensure this information will not be stolen.

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