The Sezzle Storefront Podcast: Benjo’s Helps People Express Themselves With Bold Shoelaces


Who would have thought a broken shoelace while traveling in Italy would turn into a growing eCommerce business?

Believe it or not, that’s the founding story behind our first merchant partner, Benjo’s, a specialty shoe and boot lace retailer headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On today’s podcast you’ll hear from Justin Sucher, Managing Partner at Benjo’s and Account Director at The DOJO Group, a Minneapolis-based marketing consultancy.

Learn how Justin has positioned Benjo’s as an “attainable luxury” brand where you can find high-quality shoelaces that let you express yourself in fun ways. We also discuss Justin’s vision for the future of eCommerce and payments.

Listen to the Sezzle Storefront Podcast below…

Show Notes
Store: Benjo’s
Social Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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