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Cut your processing fees in half


Want rewards but prefer paying with debit?

We reward you for being financially responsible by giving you 1% cash back every time you pay with Sezzle digital debit. No fees, either!


Worried about giving merchants your card number?

Pay with Sezzle and we safely debit your bank account using 2-factor authentication. No card number needed.



Tired of entering card numbers at every checkout?

With Sezzle, log in to your bank once, and all future payments require only your mobile number and PIN.



Businesses love us

We save businesses money. At 1.5% + 15c per transaction, our processing fees are up to 50% lower than other payment gateways.

Add Sezzle to your checkout

Add Sezzle to your Shopify Store

We’re building integrations with all the major eCommerce platforms, starting with Shopify. If your store is powered by Shopify and you’d like to add Sezzle as a payment option, let us know: https://sezzle.com/shopify

Your developers will love us, too

Sezzle seamlessly integrates into your checkout process. To learn more about how to add Sezzle to your online store, click the button below.

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