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Paid Placements

App Interstitial

This placement intercepts the shopper when they first opens the Sezzle app. With 100% SOV (share of voice), the App Interstitial can reach further than any other placement ad. The audience can also be segmented if both you and Sezzle agree, and includes assets like an image, logo, and copy.

In-App Banners

With the option to choose between a Home Screen Banner in small or large, or a large Category Banner, we have whatever fits your brand’s needs and budget. These banner placements appear above the fold and can reach 150,000 views per day. (Category placements are selected based on availability and brand specialty/vertical.)

Most Popular Brands Button

With the majority of our brand buttons appearing above the fold, the ROAS (return on ad spend) ranges from $10 to $65. There are 12 brand placements available to select from, and the click through leads directly to the brand experience.

Deal Extension

The Deal Extension is complimentary with the Brand Button placement. Your brand can publish a deal via the affiliates platform or by emailing Sezzle will then publish the deal in-app, placing your brand in the “Deals” section of the app and all other placements the brand is featured in.

Premium Brand Tile

Your brand will be prioritized to the top 2 of the Premium Brands display. The Premium Brands section lives directly beneath the Most Popular Brands section with a click through directly to the brand experience from either placement.

Category Brand Tile

Your brand is prioritized into a top placement of a displayed category. Click through directly to brand from either placement.

Categories: Women, Small Businesses, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Home, Men, Baby & Kids, Arts & Crafts, Sports & Outdoors, Food & Beverage, Shop Canada, Pets, Black Owned Businesses, Travel & Entertainment, Electronics, Toys & Games, Automotive

¹All Sezzle Premium subscriptions are subject to Sezzle’s discretion and geographic availability. Sezzle Premium is not available to residents of Quebec. Please refer to our Terms of Use for additional details.