You can sign up right in the checkout

Look for the Sezzle button at your favorite store's checkout and sign up there!

If you'd like to sign up ahead of time, click here.

How it Works


Sign up

Sezzle connects to your smartphone. Link your bank account the first time you pay with Sezzle. From that point on, all you need is your mobile number and PIN.


Link your bank account

During initial setup, your bank will ask you to enter your username and password, just like you’re visiting your bank’s website.


Use Sezzle at Checkout

Once your account is linked, paying is simple and safe. Enter your mobile number and PIN and your purchase is complete!


Get Rewards

We reward you with 1% cash back every time you pay with Sezzle. You also get merchant-specific rewards using Sezzle, adding to the fun.

Why pay with Sezzle?

Sezzle makes paying for goods and services easy, safe, and rewarding. Our digital debit service is the first to offer cash back and loyalty programs. Most of America already pays with debit, and now you can get rewarded for it.



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